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Topic: Sell SBLive? Replace with ISIS?

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    Sell SBLive? Replace with ISIS?

    I have someone willing to buy my full SBLive if I want to sell it... I read a FAQ on the Nemesys site that the AWE64Gold is a better choice for GS than the SBLive!! After 1.6 is this still the case? Should I sell and replace with a different card? What would be a good card for JUST GS - no hard disk recording, no games... just the best Gigasampler sound possible!

    On an aside note - I\'ve been looking for good orchestral sound for a long time. I can\'t believe how good GS\'s demos sound!! I hope it\'s not just an impossible-to-reproduce demo and any good composer can make that kind of sound! (With good samples of course!) Speaking of which - can any of you recommend a GOOD orchestral sample CD for GS? BIG thanks in advance! I don\'t want to sell this SBLive only to learn it\'s the best card for under $200. (BTW, I don\'t have any use for digital out yet, so maybe consider non-digital cards...)

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    Re: Sell SBLive? Replace with ISIS?

    Keep the Sb live its multi client. the only thing we found was that if you get a digital output board for the live it is fixed to 48k. Which can be a problem for some but it didn\'t stop us since we keep everything in the digital domain then convert to 44.1 if need be. other than that it\'s a great card for the price. the live can enable you to use GigaSampler and your sequencer and other audio programs at the same time. I\'m using version 1.6 works flawless with the live.

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    Re: Sell SBLive? Replace with ISIS?

    I\'ve used the GOld and i\'ve in fact produced, arranged and mixed an album using the GOLD card but nevertheless i must say that the live is in fact a better card for the price. The 48k digital ouput is no longer a major problem for me as i would normally convert to 44.1 using samplitude\'s rate conversion utility (using the highest setting). The multi client capability is god-sent. Thus, the LIVE card can also capture digitally any samples being played using the GS, by opening the Sound Forge program at the same time. The live plays back any sampling rate without a glitch.
    If you want to use LIVE for pro level work, use the SPDIF version. It\'s really a good buy. I\'m currently using LIVE and GINA together.

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