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Topic: Colossus KOMPAKT player

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    Colossus KOMPAKT player

    Does anyone know how to load up an instrument in Colossus? There's no browser as in the full NI version of KOMPAKT. i cant figure out how to load the instruments because I cant see them without a browser.
    I have tried for days to figure this out. Heard there's an unofficial guide to KOMPAKT floating around by a guy named jphilpit in this forum.

    Also, why wont the Coloossus samples load in KONTAKT 2? I have them loaded into the KOMPAKT library. I can preview them, but when I try to load the .wav files into an instrument slot, KONTAK says file cannot be found, even thought I just listened to them and can see them in the browser

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    Re: Colossus KOMPAKT player

    Try asking on the soundsonline forum.


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    Re: Colossus KOMPAKT player

    Try clicking on the 1-8 list near the top left in the multi section, where it probably says "empty". You should get a list of instrument categories and be able to mouse over to the instruments.

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    Re: Colossus KOMPAKT player

    Sounds to me like the Kompakt player doesn't know where the samples are.

    Click on Options>Settings.

    You'll see a directory slot near the bottom of the options window. You need to point this to the Colossus instrument folder on your PC.

    Save and exit.

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    Re: Colossus KOMPAKT player

    The installation procedure does not install the 23 large .nks sample files (in Windows at least). You'll have to copy them manually to the Colossus Library folder.

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    Re: Colossus KOMPAKT player

    OK...one problem solved and another emerges

    I can now load the instruments in colossus, but I cant get the same instruments to load into Kontakt. (I have registered authorized Colossus and Kontakt just so you know...)

    When I try to load any of the colossus instruments into kontakt, kontakt returns an error message saying, "
    "The content you are trying to load is not registered. (please be sure to start the application that came with the content at least once)".

    Now I have registered and authorized colossus and have ostarted and loaded the instruments in colossus more than once, but they will not load in KONTAKT. It is my understanding that any kompakt based sample library's instruments should also work in KONTAKT.


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