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Topic: No More "Event" Cards rumour

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    No More \"Event\" Cards rumour


    I have picked up a rumour from an American card manufacture that Event and Echo have or are parting ways and that Event are dropping there range of Audio cards.

    I checked out their web site after hearing this and there are NO cards on the site.

    Can anyone out there verify this...



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    Re: No More \"Event\" Cards rumour

    Check out today\'s Harmony Central\'s post at www.harmony-central.com/

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    Re: No More \"Event\" Cards rumour

    Exactly what we needed ... I have a feeling that we (Echo users) will never see those multi-client drivers.
    Let\'s hope for the best tho.

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    Re: No More \"Event\" Cards rumour

    Check out Echo\'s web site, www.echoaudio.com for Driver 5.0 which has multi-client, direct
    sound, and ASIO2 support.

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    Re: No More \"Event\" Cards rumour

    Just a quick response in defense of Echo.

    Nothing has changed from a technology stand point. Echo has always done all the engineering support for these cards, and will continue to do so, as evident with their latest release of v5.0 - the long awaited multiclient drivers.

    PLEASE be aware of two issues if you are using these new drivers:

    1. They only work with v1.6 or later of GS or GSLE.

    2. You MUST disable the DirectSound compatibility before GS or GSLE will work with these drivers. Do this by going to the driver\'s property page in the Device Manager and disabling. Unfortunately, these drivers get installed with this feature on, and you will need to turn it off for GS to work.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: No More \"Event\" Cards rumour


    i can not find where to disable the direct sound...i went to device manager/gina/properties but nothing there about direct sound.....also the spdif boxes are all greyed out...is something wrong??


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