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Topic: Gigasampler with TB Pinnacle?

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    Gigasampler with TB Pinnacle?

    Hi there,
    I\'m interested in buying gigasampler, but as the price is a topic to me, I first would like to know if the software works with the Turtle Beach Pinnacle.
    Is there anyone who uses this setup successfully?

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    Re: Gigasampler with TB Pinnacle?


    We have had GS working with Pinnacle. I think that its also on Nemesys web site.



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    Re: Gigasampler with TB Pinnacle?

    THANX KIA...;-)

    Ok, so far Pinnacle is supported... I\'m glad I\'ve purchased the Pinni with the Digital I/O interface...

    I never used ist until now. So can you tell me if there is anything I have to change on the pinnacle setup to use the S/PDIF????

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