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Topic: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

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    I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    I purchased Scarbee VKC a few months back and have been using it succesfully since then. Just today, for no reason I can think of, Halion 3.1 will no longer pass AU validation. (I'm on Mac 10.4.4 and Logic 7.1.1.) Logic's AU manager tells me that "Halion's 3.x protection device contains no valid license for this application."
    When I open the license control center, which i just updated to, it clearly shows Scarbee VKC and Halion Player OEM 3.x. under my USB key.
    Not only am I unable to use the Scarbee products but none of the songs in which I had previously used these products will open.
    Anybody else have this experience? Any ideas to help me get back on track?
    Thanks, JP

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    Thanks Houston. I think its more of a Syncrosoft (still waiting to hear from them) issue but I did take your advice and fill out that long Scarbee tech form.

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license


    We have had similar reports and it is related to OSX 10.4.4 update.
    Try delete preference file or make a new install of player 1305 (not content!)
    Thomas Hansen Skarbye
    Singer, Bass Player, Composer
    & Creative Director, SCARBEE

    www.scarbee.com & www.myspace.com/scarbee

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    Thanks Thomas for your quick response. Are you referring to the Logic pref file? I already tried that. I will try the Halion reinstall. I've been avoiding that because it was a bit of a bugger the first time.

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    Well this is going from bad to worse. After deleting the Scarbee pref files to no avail, I deinstalled Halion and tried to reinstall it. It takes about a minute for OSX installer and then it says "software was successfully installed" but there is no Halion app to be found anywhere. I tried it several times with the same result. I tried the 3.2 update and that confirmed to me that there is no Halion player on my system to update.
    Thomas, are there any other reports about installation issues on 10.4.4?
    Any other suggestions? I'm desparate.

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    Hi Jimmy,
    go to www.scarbee.com and check out the VKG forum. A couple of us have had problems when we went to 10.4.4. I trashed all the hallion player prefs and reinstalled the player from the disc and then did the update and everything is back to normal.

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    Re: I lost my Scarbee/Halion license

    Linwood et al: Thanks for your help. I seem to be back in biz. (But got my fingers crossed.) Thanks for the tip about the Scarbee forum. I'll be sure to check there before I attempt anything as foolish as an OS upgrade.

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