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Topic: Midiman 2044

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    Midiman 2044

    I tried to install Gigasampler on
    PC- Win98 with Midiman 2044 and SB Live, but the Computer hangs. - or sometimes I´m able to play Gigasampler through the Midiman Card, but in the options dialog it says that I´m using the SB Live.

    No Problems with SB Live alone.
    Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Midiman 2044

    I think this is something to do with what you are using to sequence. Are you a cubase user? If you start your sequencer first (which you need to do in order to send midi to the gigasampler), sometimes the sequencer software kind of \'grabs hold\' of the outputs that you intend to use for gigasampler. Make sure that in your sequencer, you have deactivated the card that you intend to use for Gigasampler.

    It\'s not clear from your message which card you intend for each job, but assuming you are using cubase and you want the SBlive to be the Gigasampler card and the Dman for Cubase, go into the ASIO advanced setup in Cubase and make all the channels for the SBlive inactive. Have only the Dman\'s channels activated.

    Once you have set this, exit your sequencer and open Gigasampler on it\'s own. Go to the configuration and make sure that the right card is selected for output, and that the correct midi driver is selected.

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    Re: Midiman 2044

    Thanks for your reply Bob !
    I only tried to play Gigasampler live on the Keyboard without any sequenzer. This can´t be the problem. - without the Dman 2044 it works fine.
    But i want to use the Dman for Cubase and Sb Live for Gigasampler
    Does anyone know solutions to plug a SB Live and a Dman2044 in the same computer ?

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    Re: Midiman 2044

    What version of Cubase are you using? It may actually be the midi driver thats causing the problem. I\'ve said this before on this forum, there is a problem with the Gigasampler midi driver. When you open the midi driver in cubase, it opens the outputs of the gigasampler soundcard too, so that you cant then use that soundcard in GS.

    Try deactivating the Gigasampler/Endlesswave midi driver in Cubase\'s MMEsetup. Then try running Cubase fresh, and try to run Gigasampler. You will find you can\'t send midi to the Gigasampler, but at least the Gigasampler can use the Midiman soundcard.

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    Re: Midiman 2044

    I have the DMAN 2044 and the DMAN PCI ( I got the PCI before they had a directX driver for the 2044) I have problems whether or not GS is even open. The ASIO driver is, as far as I can tell, extremely buggy. The DX driver isn\'t much better - it doesn\'t list all the ins/outs in directx setup for either cubase or GS. Sometimes, when I open GS I can use the PCI, sometimes the 2044, it all seems to depend on \'how it\'s feeling\'. It\'s extremely annoying. The old ASIO driver seemed to work better (of course, it doesn\'t include DirectX ...) I feel for you, my advice might be to try to revert to the old pre-DX driver for the 2044 (if you still have it - it may be on your original disk if you didn\'t buy it too recently) That way (you\'ll probably have to re-install some of your software, BTW ..)GS shouldn\'t even recognize it as a DirectX possibility ...
    Just a thought ... let us know if it works and maybe I\'ll try it too.
    -Bill Wright

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    Re: Midiman 2044

    Well that\'s a pretty good trashing of the Midiman sound cards. I don\'t believe they are as bad as you say. Maybe it\'s your system? Maybe either of the cards alone would work better......

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    Re: Midiman 2044

    hmmm, perhaps you\'re right ? All I know is that the drivers (at least for the 2044) have undergone 5 revisions since I bought the thing, that alone makes me wonder. I actually really like the sound of the 2044 - the breakout box is really solid (quiet connections, good plugs ..) and the ASIO latency is quite low. The problem, I believe is the drivers. You may be right about removing one and not the other, except that the Driver is only single client \"at this time\" (v2018)... as a SW developer myself, I can\'t imagine the nightmare of trying to develop a DirectSound Device driver, but still it seems some companies can put them out pretty solidly, right ?

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