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Topic: how many tracks with GPO

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    how many tracks with GPO

    I am using GPO as a multi inst in Logic pro./ I have 5 instances of multi inst loaded with 8 patches (wet) in each instance. I seem to geta coreaudio overload with 30 tracks of only MIDI ( no plugins). I have setup the multiinst as laid out in the tutorials on the GPO website.

    Is this all I can get with a dual g5? I am interested in what othera who have a similar setting are experiencing. My buffer size is 1024; and the samples are loaded into the RAM 3GB. I donot have DFD.
    LP 7.1.1;OSX10.4.3;G5 Dual 2.0 3GB RAM; Kurzweil2500XS;Layla 24/96 PCI

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    Re: how many tracks with GPO

    I would think that with DFD disabled - you'd actually get more voices out of that rig... though I'm not a Mac guy. How many total voices are you able to run?
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: how many tracks with GPO

    Have you done the July update? If you have, you will no longer have "wet" instruments. We eliminated them because they caused too much confusion. They were for auditioning purposes only and people kept trying to use them within mixes. The wet instruments used a reverb module for each and every instrument and would kill the CPU if you tried to use very many of them simultaneously. The update eliminated the "dry" and "wet" folders, leaving only the "dry" choice. These should be used with a standard aux send and return in your program's mixer section.


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