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Topic: Just played a gig

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    Talking Just played a gig

    I am so stoked!!

    Just thought I would share this with you all. Not that it is important or really relevant to this forum. but it was something I felt I needed to share.

    I JUST got back from playing a very small jazz gig. I was asked by a sax player (very good) I knew from school to play a gig with him today. We played at an opening of a new Art Gallery in Galena Illinois. Anyone who as been to Galena will know what I mean about it. It is a very artistic and cultural town. WITH LOTS OF galleries and shops.

    Though I hadn't played jazz piano in a while and had lost whatever "swing" I had, once we started playing, it started to come back. I think it helped that we weren't the main attraction and were there to add ambience and atmosphere. The pressure that would normally accompany a normal gig wasn't there.

    The sax player who asked me was doing it for a friend, who was putting on the show, so it wasn't a paying gig, but we had a tip jar. People were very generous with their compliments and their money. wahoo!

    It was just exhilarating to be playing again - though I was a terrible nervous wreck before hand. (I always get nervous. I would rather NOT play, but create it.) but tonight was fun. Truly fun.

    Now that I have all these classic standards in my head, I want JABB.

    Ok - I'll shut up now

    Have a great rest of the evening!!

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    Re: Just played a gig

    Way to go! I SO know how you feel. I made a side trip into composing 15 years ago. At the time I was deep into Jazz with a great fusion group. !5 years later I'm starting playing again. So I get it.

    It's SO not worth putting live playing aside. The spontaneous interaction of playing jazz w/ real people in a public situation is second to none. Congratualtions!

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    Re: Just played a gig

    Nice Post Jerry. I am stoked just reading about it. I did a nice gig last night in Oxford. Sweaty club, young student crowd, everyone dancing, but digging the solo's.

    One of my definitions of music,(you actually need a 1,000 to get anywhere close) is....... People sharing space...sound... and time. There is a huge social element to music, that is all too easy for us composers to forget. Sometimes you can learn more from 1 gig than 10 rehearsals.

    Don't stop now, man, keep playing live.


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    Re: Just played a gig

    Congrats, Jerry!

    There's nothing like playing live!

    ...you can learn more from 1 gig than 10 rehearsals - Joaz


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    Re: Just played a gig

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry W.
    Anyone who as been to Galena will know what I mean about it. It is a very artistic and cultural town.wreck before hand.


    I wish I would've known you were there. We ate dinner at the Galena Cannova's yesterday. I probably just missed you. I bet it was great fun!


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    Re: Just played a gig

    Sounds great, Jerry. Glad you enjoyed it!
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