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Topic: loading in old tracks..

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    loading in old tracks..

    I'm thinking of buying Garritan Personal orchestra and i was wonderin if i could load my old MIDI songs into the kontakt player that comes with the package and edit the new soundfonts for the songs?

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    Re: loading in old tracks..

    You'll likely need to make some performance changes to the MIDI files first. Typical SoundFonts use MIDI velocity to determine volume, while GPO uses Mod Wheel (CC#1) to contour the volume (and velocity to determine attack strength). There is a tool available to convert old MIDI files to make these changes.

    In the end, though, you'll probably want to load the old songs into a MIDI host with VST plugin capabilities (and I believe GPO still comes with one?), and then rework the data by hand for best results.

    But the bottom line is your past work will still be available to you.

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    Re: loading in old tracks..

    There was also a standalone (java applet) called "Standard Midifile Translator" on the Garritan site which does this conversion. It is no longer hosted by Garritan but I do have a copy. I use the mfx version (much easier for me since I didn't want to install Java.

    While I do have a copy I prefer Gary's permission to email this or prehaps he would consider posting this once again.

    I have no idea why it it no longer on the web site
    here's a thread from the Chickensys Translator forum on NS that started me looking for this file

    NOTE to Markleford: Thank you so much for all your MFX stuff -the auto-alternator especially is a god-send!


    Here's a discription from the help file


    The Garritan Personal Orchestra MIDI File Translator is a utility that you can use to translate any standard MIDI file to a new file that is optimized for playback with GPO. Standard MIDI files use note-on velocities (how hard you press a key on a keyboard) to determine volume at any point in a track, whereas GPO uses Mod Wheel to determine the volume. The MIDI File Translator translates the note-on velocities into Mod Wheel events that GPO can understand. After you translate a standard MIDI file into a GPO optimized file, your playback of that midi sequence with GPO will be improved immensely!

    A great resource on the web for downloadable MIDI files is the Classical Music Archive (http://www.classicalarchives.com). If you download a file, always run it through the translator before playing it back with GPO.

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