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Topic: Yamaha Sound Crown..44.1?

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    Yamaha Sound Crown..44.1?

    Anyone using this card. Is the digial output at 44.1?

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    Re: Yamaha Sound Crown..44.1?


    Interesting to see your still testing the waters of the sound card world.. I haven\'t tested the sound crown but PaPa Chalk reckons its good for GS use. I have used a Yamaha Waveforce 192 but I didn\'t like it. The noise was to much and it popped and clicked.
    I still would suggest having a look at a Turtle Beach Montego II with a I/O option. It ships for about £149 in the UK but better than the SB Live in that it supports 44.1khz on the I/O.

    is your budget set at a low-end solution ?.



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    Re: Yamaha Sound Crown..44.1?


    hello. Yes i am looking low end. I anticipate going in the Pulsar direction by the end of the year and so just want something basic to tie me over.

    Montego is an option. Appreciate your posts.

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