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Topic: Event multiclient drivers NOT COMING?????

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    Event multiclient drivers NOT COMING?????

    Some guy posted that an Event rep told him they are not planning to release multiclient drivers any time soon now. Has anyone else heard this? I was just told by Event that they are going to release a 5.0 multiclient driver any day. I swear, some software companies....

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    Re: Event multiclient drivers NOT COMING?????

    Well, considering I am DEPENDING on multi-client drivers to make Gigasampler work in my system, I have to say that would truly suck.

    I hope it\'s not true.

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    Re: Event multiclient drivers NOT COMING?????

    I am the \"some guy\" that posted the note about the event drivers. I\'ll go into a little more detail about what the event rep told me face to face. I can\'t quote him verbatim, however the jist of what he said was adding multiclient capability to their hardware would dramatically increase system latency. Thus hurting your performance in GS and VST or whatever other software you use. I hope that he was wrong, but I am only posting what he said to me. Maybe they will release the drivers and there will just be a wide spread latency problem, I don\'t know. But he didn\'t sound enthused at all about the situation.

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    Re: Event multiclient drivers NOT COMING?????

    Thanks alDigi for the info. Hopefully Event will not let us down. If you here anything else PLEASE let me know. No multiclient is a bummer. I mean, SBLive seams to work fine with multiple programs, so surely any of the Event cards would work ok....

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    Re: Event multiclient drivers NOT COMING?????

    I believe the multi-client drivers are coming. I have spoken to the people from event and nemesys. Event claims that they are working on the new drivers but do not have a release date. It would make sense for event to produce a multi-client driver they could corner the market. Plus arkvaark 20/20 is a multi-client device that cubase vst and giga-sampler support. For nemesys, Sergio has informed me that event is working on the multi-client drivers, but you would need ver 1.6 of giga-smapler. I think event knows that there is alot of us that want to use giga-sampler, cubase vst, recycle, rebirth and other vst/re-wire products together. They are also in the position if anyone asks what soundcard is the best value, it would be an event soundcard because it is proven, stable and multi-client. If the new drivers are not out by x-mas I will buy the aarkvaark 20/20, you could bet on that. if anyone has any other information let us all know. Thanks, you guy are the best.

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