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Topic: OT- The phewn call.

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    Talking OT- The phewn call.

    … Hi
    ... Hello
    ... is this Mike?
    ... Yes it is, what can I do for you?
    ... I'm a member of a local wedding slash classic rock band and am in need of a drummer. You play drums, right?
    ... Uh, yes, last time I checked.
    ... Good, would you be interested?
    ... I might.
    ... Well, I'll start by telling you a bit of what we do. We are a party band that specializes in weddings and private parties but also do clubs for the purpose of showcasing the band. We lost our drummer, he didn't agree with our choice of songs. He said they weren't wedding material so to speak. I don't know what his problem is just because we were told a number of times people didn't want the Doors, Iggy Pop, and Alice Cooper songs played at their weddings or the theatrics. That was just a small number of prospects.
    ... Hm, let me ask you this. How many weddings have you played so far?
    ... Well, not many. For some reason we're not getting the bookings as much but our club dates have grown! ... Do me a favor.
    ... Yes?
    ... Think about what you just told me and call me back.
    ... OK, thanks, goodbye!.
    ... Good luck.

    I can just see it now. Playing Alice Cooper at a wedding with a snake, electric chair, and bare chested! So, I gave her Brian 2112's phone number.

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    West Seneca, NY

    Talking Re: OT- The phewn call.

    15 minutes later.
    ... Hi.
    ... Yes?
    ... I just called you about drumming?
    ... Ah, yes, and?
    ... I forgot to mention we have our own stage crew, stage, risers, lighting and theatrics.
    ... You don't say.
    ... Yes, just thought to put a little sugar in for you.
    ... Hm, but you just use this for clubs right?
    ... Oh, no! We use it for everything as well. We feel it gives us a more professional atmosphere.
    ... OK, well look, I'm at work right now and can't continue at the moment. Call this number *** *** **** and ask for 21of12. He's the best there is and he doesn’t mind spandex.
    ... You're kidding right?
    ... Nope.
    ... Ok, thanks, goodbye. CKICK!
    ... Wow ...

    Oh Brian!

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