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Topic: Soundblaster live digi

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    Soundblaster live digi

    Hi there,

    is it true the saounblaster live only outputs digital at 48hz. I do all my sork at 44. DOes this mean i need to convert everytime i output digitally to my DAW.
    Papa\'s demos sound great...did you work at 48 or did you convert.

    Is there an inexpensive card with digital outs at 44hz, and also standard stereo analogue outs. I figure monitor everything with the analogue and use the digital to track GS. The aardvark and mix are very pricey.



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    Re: Soundblaster live digi

    Your right the live only outputs at 48KHZ. Not great if you output to another digital element that only accepts 44KHz. This should not limit you though if you have a cd burner or record at 48 then convert with your hard disk editor when you do your final mix or mastering. We go direct to cd so What we hear is what we get.
    What do you use for DAW John? I might be able to give a better suggestion. for your situation.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Soundblaster live digi


    i run Paris on another pc. At this moment ive got someone building me a P2 400 with 256 ram, maxtor 10g etc. It will be home for GS and Logic. I only use the midi side of Logic! Im expecting to trigger GS with midi from logic...output through the soundcards normal stereo outs into my desk.
    When im happy with pars and sounds ill track via the digital outs into Paris. From there ill do a mix and burn cd master.

    I really dont want to have to convert from 48 to 44. It will be another thing that gets in the way..Im tired of having workarounds solutions. At the moment i can see Mixtreme and Aard are the best way to go but they\'re too expensive at this moment. I\'d like to take a less expensive option and wiat until others come on board.

    Terratec EWS64S plus digital upgrade is one.
    The Yamaha card you have listed is another.


    John (excellent list by the way)

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    Re: Soundblaster live digi

    Thanks John Glad you like the site
    As far as an inexpensive digital card that outputs at 44.1khz Spdif digital. We havn\'t found one yet, If anyone does please let this list Know. I think the reasoning behind all these cards outputing at 48khz is that it makes it hard to record commercial cd
    to mini disk etc. not great for anyone who wants to record at 44.1 I\'m sure There will be one soon, by the way we tested one called the
    AV510 it outputed at 44.1 but it didn\'t work with giga Sampler in fact it Started causing problems with other programs the intresting thing about this card was it was being marketed as a 24bit 44.1- 48k sound card with direct x. made in china. after having to many problemss with it we decided to run far away from it. Maybe later they will get better drivers for it.
    So for now we have to deal with 48khz. Of course when the gina is multiclient we will be using it more for GigaSampler.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Soundblaster live digi

    PaPa Chalk

    As an option..

    Turtle Beach have a soundcard card a Montego II Quadzilla which is around £99 uk pounds. It has a Digital out only which sends on 44.1khz.

    I use a Montego II with GS and I also use an ISIS card. The montego has a fairly good audio out.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Soundblaster live digi

    AWE-64 Gold also works great with GigaSampler
    at 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz Output. I connect it with
    the Dig.In of my Soundscape DAW...with 44,1 kHz.


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    Re: Soundblaster live digi

    I just got a sblive card to use w/my gina. I run the dig out of the sblive into the dig in of the gina to record in Cubase. Although I just got this setup I am pretty pleased w/the initial results however I am noticing two frequent problems....
    1. When I start cubase I get a small digital click AND I get this ocasionally when I am working in it.

    2. I am getting the dreaded blue screen EVERYTIME I boot up now.



    So what IS the right way to master w/this card? Do everything at 48 then convert? A guy a soundchaser told me that sblive WOULD do 44...is this not true?

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    Re: Soundblaster live digi

    awe gold is alright but not multiclient, That is the great thing about the Sb live (multiclient). You can record in at 32-48khz on the live but the digital out is set to 48Khz. Yes i would do everything at 48 then convert and burn to cd. If Cdr is on the same machine i would record at 44.1 and burn direct to cd master.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Soundblaster live digi


    I also have a Live and used to get the blue screen. Once I upgraded to LiveWare 2.1, I didn\'t have any more problems. You may have to reinstall both the GS and SB drivers though.

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    Re: Soundblaster live digi


    Thanks for the info...Where is the link to update?



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