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Topic: Maxi ISIS

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    Maxi ISIS

    I believe the ISIS card is compatible with GS. Has anyone had experience with this card? It has amazing features for the price!
    Can\'t believe it. There must be a catch somewhere.


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    Re: Maxi ISIS

    I read somewhere that like a lot of cheaper audio cards, the digital interface isn\'t a 1:1 output of the original signal.

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    Re: Maxi ISIS

    Hi THere

    I believe the ISIS only supports output via the back of the card rather than the outputs on the external D/A box using the \"Meastro\" line out. This is OK if you then take it back in through 1/2 inputs.

    The SP/Dif outputs on the external A/D box are exactly what comes out of outputs 1/2.

    I know this cos I have one.

    The card is great value if you don\'t have any other sequencer ie Cakewalk. Cos you get Logic Silver ISIS 3.6 and Cool Edit SE and Acid DJ. Also the Logic uses a DSP chip on the ISIS card for Reverb & EQ keeping your system CPU usage down....

    (Clever Stuff)

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Maxi ISIS

    Oh !!!

    Can I suggest that I become a senior member after I have posted more than 20 messages rather than 2...

    I feel that there is a lot of talent on this website and if I need to address a particular technical issue, I would pro-actively seek out a senior member to ask.

    Excuse me if a am waffling on..

    KIA the indescibeable

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    Re: Maxi ISIS

    Whoa Ho my spalling is apaaaaling.

    I Meant KIA the Indescribeable..

    What a bad way to start a friday....

    Just out of interest. I have heard a rumour that Frontier Design are looking at either Directsound support or full GS support. I will try to varify this.


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    Re: Maxi ISIS


    thanks for the replys. I can see how you have had more than 20 posts

    Now, please answer this and i\'ll know all i need. Can i use the digital outputs of the ISIS for gigasampler? Is this signal noisy or in any way inferior quality wise.

    I am looking for an affordable card with digital outs. NOt bothered about multi outputs for now. Dig to track my gigasampler parts into my DAW (Paris on separate computer) and just the normal audio outs for monitoring and wav lab etc.



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    Re: Maxi ISIS


    If you want to go out via a digital output then I am afraid the ISIS is not the card for you. PaPa Chalk gets great results from a SB live with an additional I/O bracket. He might even be watching and help me explain what its all about.

    I would say though in defence of the ISIS. pound for pound the I/O audio quality is the best there is for the money.(subjective of course)

    Hope this helps John


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    Re: Maxi ISIS

    Thats right KIA SB live with the digtal bracket III is the Cheapest spdif AES/EBU digital solution, we could find anywhere. You can take a look at it on our online store in the sound card section.
    Sb live is not a high end card (The anolog in out doesn\'t cut it for me) but with the digital i/o bracket you can get great results.
    Also the Sb live is a multiclient card.
    a plus if using sequencing software like cubase on the same computer.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Maxi ISIS

    How did you managed to make Isis/GS work together ?
    I want to use VST with GS as an instrument and 1/2 analog Playback as the outputs
    Is that possible and how ?

    Thanks in advance.


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