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Topic: Live performance with GPO

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    Live performance with GPO

    I'm working on a theatre work that require an orchestra, but I'm doing one version that I want to have several keyboardists use GPO to create the score. What is the most practical configuration in working with such a set up? I prefer using live muscians simply because they can respond quicker and better than a sequencer if something should happen and I don't really want to do an MR tape.

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    Hm, several Keyboardist ... I hope they get along. That actually is a good idea yet may I ask if you are going to conduct? I have done two musicals with GPO and now working on another. Before, I used GM midi with key parts of a live orchestra such as percussionist, piano, and bass. And, before GM midi, I conducted nine musicals with an orchestra and can tell you there is nothing that can replace it! However, budget constraints forced me to start programming using midi and GPO. Thank God for GPO! You still can have an orchestra. I used CD plus a lap top for the performances and had no problems what so ever with cues and the like.
    Good luck with your project! You should have a great show!

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    Re: Live performance with GPO

    Am I going to conduct? Yes, I am going to conduct, from the piano.

    I'm just wondering if it is better to run GPO as a stand-alone and program keyboard splits inside of the kontact player or what. This means that each keyboardist would have to probably use a mouse a bit but not much since I will use several GPOs (3-4), plus guitar, electric bass, drum kit and piano.

    The mix would be run by the main console in the back of the venue and we would have monitors. I like to keep things simple since there are fewer things to go wrong too.

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