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Topic: please help w/gina!!!

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    please help w/gina!!!

    i just bought a gina and have it assigned only to the gs and cubase becuase it was crashing my computer on start up every time. it could not play the system sounds; so i put the soundblaster card back in and have it handling all the computer stuff. however, gina is still real unstable with gs. could someone using gina please give me your exact configurations (ie. which channels of gina you are using; setup\'s in the device manager and mulitimedia box\'s). i am hoping that i just don\'t have something configured right. the weird thing is that sometimes it works great and sometimes it crashes. any help would be appreciated!


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    Re: please help w/gina!!!

    Which Event driver are you using?

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    Re: please help w/gina!!!


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    Re: please help w/gina!!!

    Weren\'t there postings a while back about having to stay with 4.03?

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