Anybody using Gigapulse VST as a reverb in the final Pre-mastering chain. I already have GS3 w/gigapulse integrated into the sampler and its in a seperate computer, so I cannot really use that for a premastering. So I am just curious as to some of the thoughts from this forum, as this is a slightly different convolution setup than the standard convolution reverb.

I can only see the convolution engine built into GS3 and K2 being used for Live performance or intrument specific convolution modeling, like piano body resonance, etc. I find it difficult to use the Gigapulse halls in GS3 and then mix that with other non giga libraries. I have to apply too much reverb in the final mix to bring it into the same space. I've always thought that its best to keep it as dry as possible until the final mix, but with the convolution engines built into the sampler, its always tempting to make it sound good too early in the process. But now I am learning to stay away from the nice sounding ambience and halls until the end.

These are the reverbs I have experimented with so far.
- Non convolution: Ambience and Dasamples glaceverb.
- Convolution: SIR, Convoyboy, Voxengo Pristinespace(trial version), and Waves IR (Trial version). I also have Soundforge which has Acoustic Impulse.

Now am debating over gigapulse, as the price seems reasonable. Eventhought I think they should've offered a discount for GS3 owners who already own this in another platform.

Any thoughts