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Topic: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

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    SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    Hey All

    I spent ALL weekend trying to get GigaSampler LE working nicely. Let me tell you my system config:

    64MB Asynch SDRAM (100MHz)
    Soyo Motherboard
    SBLive! Value
    3COM Etherlink III PCI NIC
    ATI 8MB 3DRAGE AGP Video
    Diamond PCI Modem
    ETEQ (VIA GART) Chipset

    That\'s the Hardware end
    I stripped my HDD to only run the bare essentials on the first 6 GB, and the Second 6GB houses the Gigasampler program AND the samples.

    Gigasampler pops all the time on larger samples. I did make sure the UDMA box is checked, and Norton (Which I removed after reformatting the C drive) said my drive was BLISTERINGLY fast. (Afterall I bought it 2 days ago)

    But I noticed that all WAV files pop on the SBLive. In fact, the bootup sounds pop, and recording is terrible (I convert to WAV to burn to CDR in my studio--using an auxiliary PC to do that with a Yamaha 192 Waveforce)

    Would a new sound card fix all this? How about live ware?

    No, I did not install 1.52 patch, because last time it screwed up GigaSampler and my MIDI inputs. That\'s what made me reinitialize the OS.

    I am very frustrated. On top of this, LE comes with next to no instruments. What\'s the deal with that? It\'s like a Ferrari with no tires?

    Can anyone tell me what to do? I am a sys admin by trade--no tech detail is too fine, or can someone reccommend a better sound card at a good price (New HDD, new RAM, Gigasampler set me back a hefty sum...sigh!)

    Please help!


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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    i guess the AMD is one of the problems - bad FP performance, only good for buissiness applications.
    Have you installed the NATIVE UDMA drivers of your board´s controller?

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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    I installed the board\'s PCI Bridge, AGP, and Win98\'s VIA UDMA hdd controller\'s. The board is a Soyo 5eMH

    So you would say I should go spring for a Cyrix MII 300?

    Taisho B

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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    no amd, NO cyrix - get an celeron 2 overclock or a original P2/P3@400Mhz!

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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE


    Rats! No more Socket 7, which means an entirely new system...

    What motherboard is good for Celery? PII is a little PRICEY for my tastes Thus I started life in the AMD world. Cyrix is no good either? But Celery has no L1 cache, right? That\'s how they skimped, instead of no coprocessor like the 486sx, this is the PII-sx chip...

    Taisho B

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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    Holger is correct I would get an intel PII 00
    or 450Mhz. You don\'t have to overclock. we just decided to try it and it has been working seamless thus far. As for your problems I don\'t think its sound card related I would think is more the processor and or the hard drive. We tested the live in many PII systems and get the same results, it works great. Make sure in the device control panel of audio Hq you set the wave devices to 4 or more.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    If I get an SB Live, can I get a lead that has a lead that fits into the SP/DIF output of the Live and has standard analog leads at the other end to connect to my mixer. I only have an analog mixer.

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    Re: SBLive Performance is TERRIBLE

    You\'ll need to covert the signal from digital to anolog. like a mini disc dat etc. You can also use the digital amp thats shown on our online store st digtal amp.

    PaPa Chalk

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