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Topic: Couple of questions

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    Couple of questions

    1. I\'m looking to get either a SB live or an Aardvark card. If I get the Aardvark card, will I be able to play music from the Internet and my CD-ROM drive or will I have to get a SB for that purpose?
    2. Will Northern Sound Source be selling Gina\'s and Mixtreme\'s in the future?

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    Re: Couple of questions

    The AARK 2020 card has standard Multimedia Drivers and ASIO, therefore you can use it like any Multimedia Soundcard.
    I work with GS and the AARK and it is extremly good working system, sounds great, is multiclient NOW and has very low latency. Nevertheless, I would give you this card to you if you are interrested, because i do only programming jobs this time and don´t need seperate outputs for GS the next months. And in a couple of months I set up with a big big scope system.
    Mail me to holger@upart.com if you are interrested!

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    Re: Couple of questions

    I have the Aardvark 20/20+
    It works brilliantly with Giga, you can even set up Giga to just work with say outputs 3,4 and 5,6 but leave outputs 1,2, and 7,8 for other programs.

    However, there is no internal CD audio cable connection, so no you can\'t play from a CD.

    It may not fully function as a windows card either. Generally speaking I have found you can\'t do things like games or whatever through it.

    If you want to hear internet or CD you could temporarily rip the audio to a Wav and play it through Wavelab or whatever. But I\'d recommend getting the Aark and a small cheap Directx card to do all the cheap stuff.


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    Re: Couple of questions

    Hey, Holger!
    Give me one, too! :-)

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    Re: Couple of questions

    Like Bob Campbell I have had a lot of success with my Aardvark 20/20 card and gigasampler. It DOES NOT work with a CD, however, so I bought a SBLive card to hook into my CD-R & DVD drives. Unfortunately everytime I try to load the SBLive card along with the others my system crashes on SB.INIT. If I comment it out in AUTOEXEC.BAT, keep the card in the system, the Gigasampler vbx file crashes. The only way to get around it now is to completely pull the SBLive card. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Couple of questions

    1.6 Upgrade will fix your problems with the live it should be out any time now.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Couple of questions


    I assume by your response that 1.6 will fix the crash in VRTKRNLD.VXD? I think the SB.INIT hard crash may be an I/O addressing problem with windows. Comments?

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    Re: Couple of questions

    Oh I see... had that problem once.
    Go to safe mode in win 98 then go to your control panel then system there may be a double driver in creative miscellaneous devices remove one of the doubles preferably the one closest to the top.

    Papa Chalk

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    Re: Couple of questions

    Hey Papa !
    Do you have a solution to my problem ?
    I want to make my Isis work with GS 1.5 under W98 and it can\'t start Midi Loop and says :
    \"Device is used by another device or hardware. Close all applications ....\"
    I\'d like to use the outputs of my Isis for GS ? How is that possible ?


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    Re: Couple of questions

    Hi folks,

    erm - Aardvark 20/20+

    A couple of things to say about it - It\'s a good card, in terms of sound quality and it\'s functionality with Gigasampler - also it\'s multiclient capabilities.

    - You CAN play cd\'s through it. I do it all the time. All you need is this special file called CDFS.VXD, you can find it on the net, it replaces a file of the same name in your windows system, and basically makes your CD audio discs appear as a file system with the CDDA files showing up as WAVS. This means you can easily use any wav player to play your CD\'s. Also - alternatively you can use Winamp - configure it to use the Aardvark outputs and it will play your CD\'s just fine.


    I and several others have had problems with poorly built jack sockets on the Aark. The connectors fail to touch the jack plug on some sockets, and I\'ve spoken to several people with exact same problem. Maybe Aardvark have fixed it now with the newer cards, I don\'t know.

    Also - i find Aardvark\'s lack of commitment to writing good drivers very unsatisfactory. - I\'ll explain what i mean - the Aark is built on the same backbone as the Gina - a Crystal chip, pretty standard. What bothers me is the HUGE gulf between Aardvark\'s drivers for the Aark, and Echo\'s drivers for the Gina. When you run the Gina\'s applet, it uses a tiny amount of system resources (about 2%), the Aark\'s control panel uses a whopping 12%, I see this as simply badly written drivers. There is also STILL no directx option. Considering the Aark card is now nearly 2 years old, I think they are taking the piss. The ASIO driver is pretty poorly also. Even on a fast machine, Cubase can have major problems if you try to use multiple outputs. Logic won\'t even work with the Aark\'s ASIO driver.

    Don\'t get me wrong, it\'s a good card in many ways, and performs flawlessly in standard MME environments like Cool Edit Pro and Vegas etc, but the drivers are a real let down, when you see what a far, far cheaper card like the Gina can do.

    If I could go back in time, I\'d get another Gina instead. With that in mind, I\'d recommend you hold off and wait for Echo\'s Mona instead of the Aark cards. It\'s priced about the same but ****s on the Aark from a mountainous height.

    p.s. If software compatibility is important to you then heed my words........!

    Any questions just speak..


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