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Topic: Major Stylus RMX authorisation code problem

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    Exclamation Major Stylus RMX authorisation code problem

    Help please!!

    Trying to authorise Stylus RMX - but when I enter the response code in Cubase it says that the code has the wrong number of characters. Tryed removing the space at the end of the code etc to no avail.

    Spectrasonics tech support have been really helpful but three conversations later and much tinkering with folder permissions etc am no further ahead!!

    Previous version of RMX worked fine on my computer - problems have only occurred since upgrading to 1.5.

    Computer subsequently crashed requiring fresh install of Windows (on new hard drive) but since reinstalling Cubase and RMX the problem has not gone away.

    Anyone any ideas? Spectrasonics are talking about a refund as they can't work it out....



    (Running Cubase SL3 on XP Pro)

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    Re: Major Stylus RMX authorisation code problem

    Check the security settings on your Spectrasonics folder. It sounds like you've denied write access to that folder.

    - Glenn

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