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Topic: Second sound card

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    Second sound card

    I\'m looking at getting GS. I was wondering, will the high-end cards like the Aardvark, etc. be able to play audio from the Internet, etc, or would I have to get a second sound card for that purpose?

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    Re: Second sound card

    Yes, you have to install a second card for that.
    Example: Yamaha Waveforce 192 XG(ca.US$40)


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    Re: Second sound card

    No, the only thing AARK does not have is directX, needed for games. Therefore you would need a additional dirX card, like yamaha or SB live. For all other MM audio (Internet, mpeg etc.) it works fine, it has standard MM drivers AND it is multiclient (many apps can play over different channels at once!)

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    Re: Second sound card

    I use the Aark 20/20 for everything. The only thing I can\'t do is play games on it, because of the lack of DX. But for stuff like MP3 and so on it is excellent. And you can open more than one program for different outputs and inputs. Not many cards can do that.

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