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Topic: mixtreme

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    I,m looking at the mixtreme and from all I hear its a pretty hot item with the gigasampler. I\'m currently runing cakewalk 8.04 with a card d+ and an ensoniq pc1 for the giga. I have a mackie 1202vlz to patch in my 1080 , dss1, and qsr. I am planning to use the setup to record cd and mp3 with the computer. What exactly will I need for the mixtreme ? I\'m pretty confused with all the the various set-ups and peripherals. Any help, I\'d like to get away as cheaply as possible.
    thanks, tom

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    Re: mixtreme

    You would need a mixtream card and at least one tdif to analog converter box(8 channels) to get into your Mackie. You can get two converters for 16 channels but you may not need them since you can mix quite a few things inside the mixtream. Come to think of it, with two converters/16 channels of in and out, you could probably replace the mackie with the mixtream. If you need more dsp or more ins and outs, you can put more mixtream cards in the computer (up to 4) and have your self a 64 by 64 mixer that can be custom configured for any situation. This will probably be my mixer of choice before too long.
    have fun
    Dave of NemeSys

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