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    I\'d like to have some information about the
    Mixtreme Card. Maybe anybody out there...???

    1.Dave mentioned that up to 4 Cards can be
    used together in one PC.
    Are they sharing there DSP-Power?
    What I mean is - can I open multi-instances
    of the TC-Reverb over all 4 Cards or do I
    have to purchase a new license for TC for
    every single Mixtreme-Card ?

    2.The 16 Outputs from GS to Mixtreme -
    are they Stereo or Mono ?

    Thanx in advance for your replies...


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    Yes, you can add more cards of mixtreme. But be shure that thy can be connected togheter with an internal interface like pulsar and all cards can share an interrupt. Otherwise the communication between the cards will cut PCI bus performance or problems in sharing the DSP´s will appear.

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    What do you mean by INTERNAL INTERFACE CONNEXION ???
    Can\'t I connect Cards without any PULSAR ?
    What\'s the technical stuff behind this...

    Any ideas about my other questions above?

    See you


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    hi mramosch

    sorry, you misunderstood my piguin english...

    Pulsar: The Pulsar/Scope DSP card system (each card has 4 shark DSP´s which is an equivalent to 5-6 Motorolas! and therefore is as powerful as 5 mixtreames...) has internal connection ports called S-TDM, which connects more cards directly. Therefore a array of cards can share DSP power and synchronize data streams WITHOUT using the PCI Bus! So PCI Bandwith is not reduced by the cards and you have the full bandwith for audiostreams, e.g. 128 Gigasampler voices, ASIO channels...

    I don´t know how a array of mixtreams is connected. But If they use tke PCI Bus for communication I am shure problems will appear on bigger systems!

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    OK Holger...

    I think we have to wait for 1.6 and Mixtreme
    and check it out ourselves...

    Thanks \'till then


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    The Motorola 56301DSP chip used in mixtreme and the Digidesign Pro Tools 24 MIX system runs at 80 mhz. The cut sheet for the 21060-21060 SHARC says it runs at 40mhz and sustained 80 MFLOPS, although Creamware says they run at 60
    mhz. Unless the instruction set for the SHARC is considerably more extensive than the 56301\'s. Can Mr. Holger explain?

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    hi baley,

    this is an interresting comparison between shark and 56301. I´ll foward this to creamware for detailed information. On the Analog Devices they talk about 120 MFlops@40MHz performance for the 21060. But the comparison between the chips is complicated because of the different structure. Clock Rate and Instructions per second simply says nothing about the real life performance!

    But two thigs my experience say:

    1. Shark´s calculate with 32 Bit floating point and therefore have no internal risk of clipping. They simply sound better than the 24 bit linear motorolas

    2. The number of plugins and effects running on a pulsar seems to be higher compared to a mix card, but there are no identical plugins available for a fair comparison.

    3. The processing level of pulsar is much higher then mixtreame, because 4 DSP´s are on 1 board and you can combine more boards via STDM Bus. Therefore 1 single mixtreame card is cheaper, BUT: you need TDIF->ADAT converters additional and the spdif option also. For a complete Mixdown on Card the processing power is not enough.

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    Im using Mixtreme with Gigasampler now and its great . Im routing the output of my Audio PCI in to one of the inputs on the Mixtreme and it works great. In Cubase I just record the input using the Mixtreme ASIO drivers and im having no problems.Im sure Giga 1.6 and The new Mixtreme 1.05 will work nicely as a team. In cubase I can get the Latency down too about 26ms without clicks.

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    Hi Ivan

    Just a question...

    Are you already routing the GS into the Mixtreme?
    If \'yes\' - are the 16 Channels from GS to MIXTREME
    Stereo or Mono?



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    What is the current price for the Mixtreme?

    Also, if I get a Mixtreme, will I be able to play music from my CD-Rom drive and from the Internet from it, or will I have to get a second SB-type card for that purpose.

    With the Mixtreme, is there a separate rack module where you have the inputs for all of the channels? Or are all the inputs on the PCI card? It would have a take up a few slots in order to have all the inputs.

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