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Topic: Connecting SB Live to Roland VS-880

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    Connecting SB Live to Roland VS-880

    Even though I have some \"top-of-the-line\" string samples (Miroslav and Advanced Orchestra) as well as two Roland sound modules (M-GS64 (general MIDI) and M-SE1 (String Ensemble)), some of the best sounding (and most realistic) strings I have generated on my computer are from the \"String Ensemble 1\" patch on my SB Live sound card (via the 8MB GM Soundfont that comes with the SB Live). Question. I understand how to connect the outputs of my sound modules and my Aark 20/20+ card to the inputs on my Roland VS-880 hard disk recorder. How do I connect the SB Live to the VS-880 so that I can record the above mentioned SB Live string patch on the VS-880? If this information helps, I am using Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 as my sequencer. Another question. What is the most realistic sounding sound card on the market that generates orchestral sounds (especially string ensemble sounds) that are \"hard-wired\" on the sound card? What kind of inputs and outputs exist on such a card? Many thanks in advance. Denny

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    Re: Connecting SB Live to Roland VS-880

    i am using CS aand advanced orchestra. have you any idea how one can write scores in sibelius and get them to sound correctly using GS and AO?


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