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Topic: Phantom notes

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    Phantom notes

    I have a problem with GS and the GigaPiano (and other large sample instruments such as AO violin etc).

    When I play a note and hold it down, after the note has sounded, another note comes on to replace it, then another. Sometimes, two notes will alternate. However, the Midi light on the GS main panel does not light up - so it does not seem to be that other midi messages are being sent. This is also supported by the fact that only one note at a time is heard - random midi messages might swith on other notes, but they would be unlikely to switch of the one currently playing.

    What it really sound like is random samples being played by GS, as if its map of the layout of the samples on the hard disk has become corrupted and so instead of sticking to one sample it is playing bits of several.

    If I hold down two notes then exactly two notes will sound until I release the keys, but it will be a random sounding sequence for each note.

    Am I going to read the fateful words hard disk incompatibility?

    My system is as follows:

    GS version 1.6.
    Windows 98
    Pentium II 450 MHz with 512 cache.
    384 MB RAM.
    10G UDMA 7200 rpm hard drive used by GS.
    10G UDMA 7200 rpm hard drive used by Windows.

    Sequencer runs on another computer.

    The computer on which GS runs is a brand new system, configured by the shop for GS. I do not have any docs for the hard drives, so I do not know the make or model - I am sending a mail immediately for more info.

    Many thanks,

    Richard Cox.

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    Re: Phantom notes

    Did you set the check in:

    WIN98 - System Settings - System - Drives - Generic Type - DMA

    If you use a IDE-Disk this could help...


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    Re: Phantom notes

    you don\'t have gs and windows on different drives do you? if so this could be your problem. usually people with two drives use one for programs (windows,gs,cubase) and one just for audio files and .gigs

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    Re: Phantom notes

    Thanks for both replies.

    The answer to both questions is yes. GS data files (.GIG etc) are all on one drive, Window and program files are on the other.

    The DMA check is checked under System | Drives.

    I found tonight that reducing polyphony made things slightly better.

    Any other ideas? Is it worth contacting Nemesys about this?

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    Re: Phantom notes

    With that much memory, I would try completely disabling virtual memory. I\'m am running Windows 98 on a Pentium II-333 with 256meg of ram; disabling it made a night and day difference for me.

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    Re: Phantom notes

    I have the hard disk details now:

    Seagate Medalist 10232 - 10GB Ultra ATA/66

    transfer rates
    Internal Transfer Rate (min) N/A Mbits/sec
    Internal Transfer Rate (max) 188 Mbits/sec
    Formatted Int transfer rate (min) N/A MBytes/sec
    Formatted Int transfer rate (max) N/A MBytes/sec
    External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max) 66.6 MBytes/sec
    Avg Sustained Transfer Rate 8.5 MBytes/sec

    seek times
    Average seek time, read 9 msec typical
    Average seek time write 10.5 msec typical
    Track-to-track seek, read 1.3 msec typical
    Track-to-track seek, write 2.1 msec typical
    Full disc seek, read 18 msec typical
    Full disc seek, write 20 msec typical
    Average Latency 5.56 msec

    Default buffer (cache) size 512 Kbytes
    Spindle Speed 5,400 RPM

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    Re: Phantom notes

    This sounds identical to the situation I am experiencing. I have tried every trick I know, including those suggested here (DMA on, Virtual memory off) and I\'ve been on the phone for two straight days with Nemesys. All to no avail. No one there seems to know why the Gigapiano is not loading properly. If anyone has any new ideas, let us know!

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    Re: Phantom notes

    I do not have this sort of problem. But I have had situations where GS was completely confused and played strange notes. This happened after some extensive editing and was ok again after closing down the computer. There are bugs and GS can get messed up with its memory allocation. I do not feel that this is a harddisk problem. Sounds more like confusion in memory allocation that is provoked by some hardware/software combination that you are using.

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