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Topic: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

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    AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    Hi all,

    I\'m planning on building a dedicated Giga machine and I can get a pretty good deal on an AMD MOBO and CPU. I\'ve heard that AMD is not the way to go for Giga and Audio apps though. Is this true?

    I\'m not going for 3 GHz or anything, maybe an XP2100. Just something to run Giga as a standalone on.

    Whaddya think?
    Ben Ripley

    PS: Hey, new smiley face... [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    I was told by several techs that AMD CPUs do not deal as well with \"floating point\" operations as well as their Intel counterparts. In my experiance gigastudio runs best on my Athlon yet, the rest of my appz (Sonar 2 and Cubase SX) run best on my P4. I am still pretty perplexed by this maybe i still have some bugs to work out of my P4 as I just recently built it and my Athlon has been up and running for around 9 months.

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    Keep in mind, Steinberg has partnered with AMD. I don\'t think the would do something like this if the performance wasn\'t totally happening. In my experience the performance IS totally happening! We\'ve got almost all AMD systems running GS and Cubase SX. The AMD stuff is great, especially when you consider that is subsantialy cheaper than PIVs.

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    Hi, I am running an AMD Athlon system, VIA chipset with no problems at all.

    There seems to be some sort of issue with PIV\'s and CPU spikes. Do a search over at www.cubase.net and I am sure you will find a lot of info on it if it is a concern.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    I believe some of the older chipsets made for AMD had troubles with audio. This has apparently now been fixed, I believe starting with the 760 chipsets or the equivalent.

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    I\'ve had no problems with GS and I\'m running an AMD XP. I did have it on a PIV machine, but after a few openings, Gigastudio would refuse to load and frequent, and annoying, restarts would be necessary.

    I\'ve since installed GS into it\'s computer now and I don\'t have any problems with it at all. Even the apparent \"bug\" with loading GSEdit and Gs at the same time that crashed the PIV system doesn\'t crop up. From a lot of sources I\'ve heard there really is no difference, but why pay more for the name of Intel when an AMD will work just fine (if not better at the same rated speed)?

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    I have an AMD PC in my studio and it gives no problems at all.

    You can visit my website for more informations about creating the better digital audio workstation,

    Best luck!

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I\'m now building an AMD system for significantly less than the price of an Intel.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    I\' fairly sure that the AMD issues were related to processors several years ago.

    I\'ve been using AMD in the studio for 2 years and I\'ve had no problems.

    In fact, of the 6 computers in the house, 5 are AMD and are the least problematic.


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    Re: AMD or Intel? That is the question.

    Hi, from what I can remember the issues were with older VIA chipsets specifically.

    I run a VIA chipset now and have no problems at all.

    Ben, the only issues I have found with AMD\'s is that the CPU\'s run hotter and need more fans to cool them. Compared to my old PIII my AMD system sounds like a jet taking off!!

    I am seriously thinking about buying a pc storage cabinet as the sound really is driving me mad. I haven\'t had to do any quiet-passage mixes lately, but when I do I know that the computer is either going into a closet or a proper cabinet. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Regards, Scott.

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