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Topic: PCI-ATA133 crosstalk with soundcard

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    PCI-ATA133 crosstalk with soundcard

    I just installed a PCI ATA133 IDE-controller, with a Maxtor 80GB 133, the problem is that I hear my harddisk read through my soundcard EWS88D when using gigastudio,the more polyphony, how more noise (sound of the HD-head searching) it\'s not loud but it disturbs the signal so I hear it comming out of my speakers. They have different IRQ\'s so that can\'t be the problem.

    Is there anyone with a solution? Thanks, Marc.

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    Re: PCI-ATA133 crosstalk with soundcard

    I had the same problem (actually that problem and more!).

    I ended up removing the ATA133 card and the audio was squeeky clean again.


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    Re: PCI-ATA133 crosstalk with soundcard

    Thanks, I\'m still not giving up, I hope update and changing BIOS will bring me luck but I\'m afraid you\'re right so I will make somebody happy with the controller.


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