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Topic: 2U rackmounted PC rather than 4U?

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    2U rackmounted PC rather than 4U?

    Hi folks - running out of space in my machine room and wanting to add another PC - hence the plan to build it into a 2U case rather than 4U. Wondered if anyone here\'s done that for a giga machine and what to look out for if so.

    As far as I can see, I\'ll get 2 PCI slots (no AGP though) in the included riser for the case I\'m thinking of. If I can get a motherboard with built in vga and networking, all I\'d need to add is the soundcard (Hammerfall) and I\'m laughing ?

    For heat I\'m hoping the built in case fan and the cpu fan will be able to handle the (single) 7200rpm hard drive and Athlon 2400.

    Anything I\'m missing here? Is this a bad idea?



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    Re: 2U rackmounted PC rather than 4U?

    Hi Ian,

    Just renewing this thread. I\'m planning on doing the same thing. I also have some questions about this...

    Will a PCI card fit in a 2U case? What about 2 hard disks?

    If not, I\'ll have to go with a 4U.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: 2U rackmounted PC rather than 4U?

    I found a really nice case and took the plunge:-


    (these are UK based) - bit pricey at £240 including a 300w psu (enough considering it\'s not got many drives / cds in it) and optional riser card. They are much longer than normal 4u cases so have extra space at the front for 2 CDRoms & 2 hard drives or 4 CD Roms etc.

    The PCI cards are done via a riser which basically is an extension cable which plugs into the motherboard and has the same corresponding slots mounted horizontally rather than verticaly.

    Not all cases I looked at had an AGP slot on the riser so count up your must have PCI cards, and not all fit every motherboard so check with the manufacturer first on what mobo you\'re planning on putting in.

    I went for the optional 2 PCI + AGP and that\'s fine for my moby (Gigabyte GA7VAX) as it has onboard USB2 & Network so I only needed to add my agp graphics and RME soundcard and I\'m sorted.


    also do some nice 2u cases a bit cheaper but they didn\'t seem to have agp support.

    Still waiting for my CPUs to arrive so not switched these on yet - there\'s lots of fans inside so they could be noisey. Mine are in a sperate machine room so it\'s not an issue for me...


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    Re: 2U rackmounted PC rather than 4U?

    I emailed ACM quoting the motherboard I intended and they replied within 10mins. I guess it\'d be a hell of a job keeping a full list up to date.

    Will let you know how it goes with the soundcards (will be after the 5th now though). I\'m not anticipating any problems - everything\'s slotted in OK - just not had time to power them up.


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