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Topic: Miditerminal 4140 and XP (Help)

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    Miditerminal 4140 and XP (Help)

    OK, so it works but not really.

    System hangs for 45 seconds(at desktop)and then all is well.

    I never had a day of trouble with this device under windows ME.

    Any word on *real* drivers from Ego~sys?

    They don\'t answer emails BTW ... but of course~!

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 and XP (Help)


    We\'re in it together. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Egosys doesn\'t support their products at all.
    I get sloppy, loose MIDI timing with the 4140.
    They won\'t answer emails, so I assume that\'s their way of admitting the product is junk.

    If I find something to replace it with (other than USB or another parallael-port device), I\'ll let you know. Please do the same!

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