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Topic: Weird Dual Display Behavior

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    Weird Dual Display Behavior

    I just added another display to my setup so that I could place Giga on a screen by itself. On the new screen I cannot get the sounds to load. I double-click and nothing happens. I press on the \"+\" symbol and the trees don\'t expand. All the other buttons and menus work. Is this a bug? The only workaround that I have right now is to drag it back to the orginal screen and then everything works fine. But I want to use it on the other screen. Anybody know what\'s going on here? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Thanks, Cody

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    Re: Weird Dual Display Behavior

    I frequently find little glitches in my Matrox dual system at work, even with mainstream apps like MS Office. Drop down lists appearing on the wrong screen, etc.

    So yes, it’s probably a bug. And it has lots of company.

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