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Topic: A bit OT : KVM switches and LCD screens

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    A bit OT : KVM switches and LCD screens

    I\'d like to know if some of you out here who use two PCs and only one screen/mouse via some kind of KVM switch have recently replaced their old big screen with an LCD one, with no problem (KVM switch unable to recognize the screen, boot problems, that kind of thing...)?
    Theorically, I suppose that there is nothing bad about it (same type of video plug/cord), but LCD being relatively new on the place (I mean just recently affordable) I\'d like to be reasonably sure about the risks, before spending money on something which might compromise an otherwise okay setup.
    Thanks for feedback

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    Re: A bit OT : KVM switches and LCD screens

    I use a KVM on a Samsung 181T LCD - no problems, except some signal loss (=interference) which I don\'t notice normally, but when the screen gets dark I can see it.

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    Re: A bit OT : KVM switches and LCD screens

    I\'m using a KVM switcher with two NEC 1830
    LCD monitors without any problems. I did find that using a good quality KVM switch made a big difference in my setup. After having trouble with some of the inexpensive boxes,
    I ended up buying one made by Raritan.
    It works perfectly, and I don\'t notice any picture degradation.

    Good quality monitor cables help as well,
    especially if distance is a factor.

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    Re: A bit OT : KVM switches and LCD screens

    i\'m using a box from gefen technologies (www.gefen.com) in woodland hills, california. it\'s the DVI switcher and has worked very well. I was using it with an apple 22\" cinema display (lcd) and an Apple G4 desktop on 1 side, and my Giga PC on the other. One thing though was that if the switch on the gefen box wasn\'t set to the the computer before that computer started up, especially the PC with Windows XP, the computer wouldn\'t recognise the monitor. I\'m using Kontakt on a Mac now so I actually haven\'t even booted up the PC in several weeks. The gefen box will now be used with 2 Macs.
    hope this helps.

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    Re: A bit OT : KVM switches and LCD screens

    Well, thanks for your replies (new ones are welcome though).
    I happen to have a cheap kvm switch (not even a name on it) which works well, although, occasionnally, once in a while (not very often) the mouse gets frozen when switching from one PC to the other !
    So if lcd screens live well with kvm switches, I guess I\'ll jump and buy....

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