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Topic: Question for RMX users

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    Question for RMX users


    I just installed base RMX - no expanders. This is a great. I could never do percussion and now there is hope.

    Question: I haven't yet installed 1.5 update or had time for the tutorials, so I've only heard the basics and not considered what editing might do.

    If my needs are more conventional pop/jazz live acoustic drums - will editing base RMX be workable or will I likely need to get something like the Backbeat expander?


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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Invest in these three sets...

    Liquid Grooves
    Brush Artistry (REX files, which can be converted to RMX)...

    You'll need these. Use the core RMX for percussion... you're there. The core RMX drums are more HipHop and techno oriented than pop/jazz. With the three sets above you'll be a pop/jazz drummer.

    Trust me.

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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Backbeat is great. I really wish there was a Backbeat II on the way

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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Quote Originally Posted by damoy
    Backbeat is great. I really wish there was a Backbeat II on the way
    I know what you mean. Songs I produce using Backbeat instantly sound like records. It's a very well produced set of drum sounds. If you look at Backbeat on a spectrum analyzer, it's very flat... Well engineered and mixed. Sounds great!

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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Thanks very much dtobocman and damoy

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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Another mini option would be the New Orleans Strut if it is still available. It was a Katrina benefit and had some great acoustic stuff on it. I believe it cost $25.

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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Nothing much to add to the other postings Joanne, except to say - watch the tutorials, they're the best in the business - download the 1.5 update; lots of extras there.
    Like a lot of people I have very little ability in drum programming, so at the end of last year purchased Stylus RMX and immediately realizing what a special piece of kit this was, purchased Backbeat a couple of days later. That's really very good to me.

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    Re: Question for RMX users

    Hi Jp, thanks - I saw that recommendation also from Eric on the other RMX JAZZ inquiry thread. Price is right and a good cause. It will be interesting to see what the New Orleans lib does vs. Backbeat.

    Hey Paul,

    You are drums challengned too? I would have never guessed that.

    I think you are likely right just learning to use base RMX via the tutorials will help - along with the 1.5 update - so I'll wade through those.


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