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Topic: My fans are like jet engines...what to do?

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    My fans are like jet engines...what to do?

    A friend just built a rack mount PC for me to run GS, but the thing is unbelivably loud. Looking at the back, it appears there are several fans causing the noise problem. Anyone know of inexpensive replacement fans that are quiet? I really don\'t want to build a big ole enclosure for it, but I\'ll consider that if I can\'t quiet this thing down.


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    Re: My fans are like jet engines...what to do?

    Check out www.quietpc.com. They provide fans designed to be quiet. I can vouch for both the case fans and the 300W power supply as blissfully quiet. My problem is CPU coolers but the Taisol is much quieter than the Thermaltake and I\'m pretty satisfied at this point.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: My fans are like jet engines...what to do?

    Tone Bender, I had the same problem when I received my 4U industrial rack.
    Lee is right about server\'s fans design, mine was fitted with Delta fans (huge air flow but incredible noise level).
    If you haven\'t got a different room to stock your computer(s), change the fans for Vantec Stealth fans as your setup probably don\'t need that 140CFM constant airflow.
    Vantecs can be found at www.1coolPC.com or www.coolerguys.com .
    I changed the PSU too. Check yours, it must be a noisy one. Try an Enermax or a Vantec PSU. Now all is quite cool and noiseless...


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    Re: My fans are like jet engines...what to do?

    Thanks for all the input here....I\'ve been tearing into my PC enclosure and find that the biggest problem are the 2 small fans attached to the back of the case. They are about 2 1/2 inches square and 1/2 inch deep. With those disconnected, the noise is reduced by 75%. I\'m about to call quiet pc, who coincidentaly resides just down the street from me, but there appears to be a consideration for any fan attached to the metal case transferring noise. Seems that I\'m going to need some sort of barrier gasket between the fan and case.
    I also don\'t know how to rate the noise of the power supply or the heatsink fan. A bit tricky without being able to A B another unit with them installed.
    I like the idea of another room, but that\'s not feasable in my space at this point.

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