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Topic: Audio Capture not happening

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    Audio Capture not happening

    I\'m having trouble capturing audio to disk. When I hit save, nothing happens, and the window says \"waiting for Midi loop\". Midi loop is on! Any ideas on what I\'m doing wrong?


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    Re: Audio Capture not happening

    More infos please: Sequencer, Audiocard, step by step description etc.


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    Re: Audio Capture not happening

    Sorry! Here\'s more info. I\'ve got a P3450, Gina soundcard, Midiman Biport interface, Alesis QS8 keyboard, and I don\'t have a sequencer yet, although I\'ve been trying out the CubaseVST demo. I just got Gigasampler, and everything seems to work well, except audio capture. I simply wanted to play a bit of piano, and capture it to disk. Loaded 1GB piano sample, pressed \"capture\", hit record, the window for saving a file opens, wrote name of file \"test audio capture\", hit save, played piano, can hear piano, but nothing records, capture window says \"waiting for Midi loop\", but as I said before, Midi loop is on, I can hear the piano, but it\'s not recording. I think that\'s the whole story. What am I doing wrong???

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    Re: Audio Capture not happening

    you have to select a wav file that IS NOT in the same hd from where the loaded gigs are played

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