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Topic: MacIntels & Kontakt

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    MacIntels & Kontakt

    NI has made the annoucement and it's plans to support the new Intel Macs.


    They say 2nd quarter '06 for the Kontakt 2 version. Good news.
    It will not run in emulation mode using Rosetta.

    But in reference to 3rd party instruments using the Kontakt technology, the GPO family, no information was given other than to contact Garritan. Maybe we'll have some news about this at NAMM.


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    Re: MacIntels & Kontakt

    As has been pointed out earlier, GarageBand 3 is already Mac Intel native. Logic Express and Logic will be available in Mac Intel native versions by the end of March 2006, according to Apple, and will cost $50 for the update for existing Logic customers.

    As for all the other hosts, such as Cubase, Finale, Sibelius, and Tracktion, who knows? Hopefully we'll here more announcements at NAMM this weekend.

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