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Topic: New Finale file for JABB update

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    New Finale file for JABB update

    A new Finale instruments file is now available for download. This file lets Finale recognize the JABB update "Lite" instruments. Do a search on your system for the "GarritanJazzinstrument.txt" file. Replace the old file with this new one: www.garritan.com/JABB/Finale/GarritanJazzinstrument.txt

    For Windows users the file will be in the Finale 2006/Finale VST folder. After replacing the old file with the new, when you open the Finale Setup Wizard you should see the addition of the many new "Lite" choices in the listing of the JABB instruments.


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    Re: New Finale file for JABB update

    Hello Tom, can you tell me how to get vibrato to work with the JABB instruments? I am using Sonar as my sequencer and can't seem to get any vibrato out of Garritan instruments! I am using Kontakt 4.

    Thanks - David Arivett

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    Re: New Finale file for JABB update

    Vibrato amount is controlled by aftertouch. It is not turned on in Sonar by default. Vibrato speed is controlled by CC17.


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