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Topic: Leaving CPU's ON?

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    Leaving CPU\'s ON?


    Just a quick survey as to people\'s opinions of whether or not you all shut down on a daily basis,if not some problems you have run into.

    Myself, depending on how busy it is at any given time sometimes leave my machines on for a few days running, as loading large tempates every morning is a waste of time - especially when I am fresh and rarin\' to go.

    HOWEVER, I have found that after a few days (2-3), I sometimes time-out, as it were, on some of my Giga boxes and have to exit the app and relaunch the template.Tedious at best, things could be worse...except for when there is a client is in the room.

    Any experiences, thoughts, etc?


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    Re: Leaving CPU\'s ON?

    I guess it depends which version of Windows you\'re running. Win 2K and XP have far fewer memory leaks than NT, ME, 98 and 95. I\'m surprised you can go for a few days without rebooting. The problem is that Windows has never been very good at relinquishing resources once it has them. I shut down every day and sometimes that\'s not enough.



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    Re: Leaving CPU\'s ON?

    I\'ve been having good luck leaving my PCs on all the time, for days on end. No problems at all.

    My main sequencing PC for Sonar is Win2000, and my gigaPC is WinXP, both stable for days.

    Obviously, make sure you\'re on a UPS to buffer any power fluctuations.

    It\'s so nice to walk into the studio and pickup right where you left off.

    In the power management settings, you can even set your hard-drives to power down during non-use, but I haven\'t tested that yet. Everything else goes into low-power mode (like the screen) after awhile.

    I just hope I\'m not pushing my luck here and everything\'s going to melt down some day.

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