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Topic: Building a Giga Pc!!!

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    Building a Giga Pc!!!

    I am building a giga Pc (just for giga).

    I have chosen all components except motherboard plus chipset/processor.

    I am deciding between Intel and Amd Athlon and once I make that decision I will need to choose specifically within those brands.

    Does anybody have any real world studio experiance who could assist me in choosing the proper components.

    stability is crucial as I own a studio and this must be rock solid.

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    Re: Building a Giga Pc!!!


    Go intel all the way... You said the magic word : stability

    If you want rock solid performance, go Intel...

    Asus P4T533C or Asus P4B533 (RDRAM vs DDR)

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    Re: Building a Giga Pc!!!


    I\'ve built a few athlon systems. Athlons are fine for compatibility. I\'m convinced however that part of AMD\'s business plan is to make it easy to burn out CPUs so you have to buy another. I\'m still researching why this last one got fried. Given the sheer amount of power current processors use it\'s a daunting task to keep CPUs cool quietly.


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    Re: Building a Giga Pc!!!

    Hi All,

    I have a copy of Gigastudio 96 working on an AMD 1 Ghz and have no problem at all in getting all my voices and normal use.

    The only AMD related problem I ever encountered was trying to use an Asus motherboard and a Maxtor HDD with it. These are not very compatible, as was told to me by the company that build my PC since they had been having a lot of problems recently (including mine). Using an IBM hdd solved my problem and my system has been working fine since then.

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