Hi All,

I have a studio based around a Roland VS1680EX and a Akai MPC2000XL and a computer running Gigastudio 96. I connected al these in the following configuration.

Midi keyboard to MPC midi in;
MPC out to keyboard midi in;
Keyboard midi tru to computer midi in;
Second midi out on MPC is connected to my Roland on it\'s midi in;
MPC is set as master;
VS is set as slave.

When recording I want to use instruments on computer and not record them till the end so to keep my vs\'s 16 tracks free for vocals and guitar, etc, etc.

Now when I start my MPC (which records the midi data for my gigastudio instruments) the VS also starts. This works fine but for one big problem:

My VS not allways starts in sync with my MPC. This means there is a shift between recorded parts and midi parts. BUMMER!

It must be something I\'m doing wrong but for the life of me I can\'t figure it out what.

If someone could please help me with an answer or a new direction to look.

Thanks in advance,