Hi all,

Sorry for the complex input but I was too lazy to split in the different forums.

I\'m planning to buy GS in the near future. I need to build up an advanced orchestra configuration for realtime rendering, composition and mixing. This leads to 32 Midi Channel at least and the following hardware conf :

1) Run GS on PC2 (GS2)
2) Run Logic or Cakewalk on PC1
3) Run a second instance of GS on either PC1 or PC3 (GS1 or GS3)

Questions :

0) Will 32 channels be OK to run a complex score with Advanced orchestra ?

1) Can I just buy one licence and run the soft on two machines.

2) Is it possible to remain in the digital domain for streaming of GS2 to PC1 with a CHEAP solution (multi channel of course). Will it be possible to mix in real time on PC1.

3) With GS on the same mahcine than Logic or Cubase or Cakewalk, is it possible to stream on the fly separate tracks without having to lay down wav files for each tracks.

Thanks all for your time.