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Topic: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

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    Talking Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    Well what the heck did you expect, GO BILLS?
    I'm a Hockey fanatic and The Buffalo Sabres are number two and kicking butt all the way to the Stanley Cup!
    (Don't you just hate it when someone throws a wrench in the machine?)

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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    Go Sabres, indeed... I'm a lifelong Sabres fan through thick and (mostly) thin. This could finally be the year, baby!

    And go Seahawks! I've gotta root for them. I'll be gigging in Seattle a lot this summer and if they win the Super Bowl, everyone will be in a better mood and buy more CDs from me.

    Actually, I'm only half joking about that... I remember a study they did for Time magazine years ago where they polled people in Buffalo and found out that when the Bills won people were much happier and that when they lost the number of people calling in sick the next day increased by a huge percentage. I'll bet people drank just as much whether they won or lost, but they felt better psychologically when they won, so... Then again, that is Buffalo (a drinking town with a football problem) and not Seattle, but then again (again), Seattle has also never won a major championship (unless the Supersonics have? I don't really follow basketball), so they might be in a similar boat.
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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    GO... EAT LUNCH.


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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    Go Sean!

    You're welcome!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    Quote Originally Posted by moviemaestro
    Yeah, yeah,yeah, living in Patriot’s country I guess I have to say, “You can’t win them all” and other clichés.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    Go Texans!
    They better slect Reggie Bush with the #1 draft pick!
    If they pick Vince Young I might have to root for the Cowboys.
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....


    (I know nothing of sport, but I do know 80s cartoons!)

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    Re: OT - I have 1 thing to say.....

    Go Go Dick And Dom

    In Da Bungalow!!!!
    David Carter (DaveTubaKing)

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