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Topic: KS Patches vs non-KS Patches

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    KS Patches vs non-KS Patches

    When I load the template for string quartet in Garritan Studio, I get the solo and pizz solo patches for each instrument. Is there any advantage to using two patches per instrument over using the keyswitched patch? What is your preference?

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    Re: KS Patches vs non-KS Patches

    Actually, if you have the updates installed the string quartet multi should be all KS instruments. The older ones used the separate articulations because the KS instruments hadn't been added yet. There is no advantage to using separate solo and pizz. If you wanted one or the other, but not both, there could be an advantage in RAM usage.


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    Re: KS Patches vs non-KS Patches

    Thanks for the reply. That is good to know.

    By the way, I have the update and, indeed, on the Kotakt player the Load > Multi > String Quartet loads the KS samples. However on the Garritan Studio v2.0 main window File > New > String Quartet loads the non-KS samples.

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