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Topic: Midi controller advice.

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    Midi controller advice.

    I am looking for a relatively good midi keyboard (key aftertouch, weighted keys etc) for a good price. Preferably 61 or 88 keys. Any recommendations?

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    Re: Midi controller advice.

    Hey Adam,

    I don\'t think it has aftertouch but this one looks pretty decent. I\'m in the market for one myself. What does everyone else think? Is it missing any options that would be useful? It\'s about US$230.


    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Midi controller advice.

    Well I was looking at 2 others:
    <a href=\"http://www.zzounds.com/love.music?p=p.THKEVE2611&z=1559359141855\" target=\"_blank\">Evolution MK261 Keyboard (Windows)
    <a href=\"http://www.zzounds.com/love.music?p=p.FATSL161&z=1559359141855\" target=\"_blank\">Fatar SL161 Studiologic 61-Note MIDI Controller (Weighted Synth Action)

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    Re: Midi controller advice.

    May or may not be in your price range but some of the best money I ever spent on kit was for my Roland A90-ex.

    Best weighted action out of the many that I tried and the controller features are outstanding. It even has a breath controller input. All controllers are assignable (including the two wheels, pitch bend/joystick and 4 faders).

    It\'s a snap to use and solid as a rock.

    The A90 is just a controller while the A90ex comes with an expansion board (ala the JV series) that has some pretty nice sounds on it. I still use some of the electric and acoustic pianos on it plus a couple of the pads from time to time.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Midi controller advice.


    I was all set to buy the Radium because of it\'s assignable controllers but then I tried it. It\'s pretty horrible and plasticky, feels very cheap and I\'m not sure it would last very long. Possibly one of the worse MIDI keyboards I ever tried in fact. The new Edirol is much nicer but only covers four octaves

    One point about the Roland style pitch bend/mod levers as opposed to the Yamaha/Moog style pitch bend and mod wheels... They are not much good for mod wheel/EXP style GIga instruments IMO. Let go of a Roland lever and it springs back to zero for mod AND pitch bend which isn\'t always what you want. This might not matter to you but it\'s worth bearing in mind now more and more libraries are using mod wheel for expression.

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    Re: Midi controller advice.

    I recently bought the Studio Logic (Fatar) SL1100, 88-weighted keys for a very good price from Guitar Center. I really like it so far, though I have not had much time to work with it yet. The thing feels very solid and the keys feel very similar to a piano. My only complaint is that the programming of the four zones can be complicated...or maybe I just need to spend more time with the manual.

    Doug Bircher

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    Re: Midi controller advice.

    The action of a weighted Fatar I have does fit my needs. I like it, although you need a bit getting used to it. Being a piano player I was never really looking at those with only 61 keys, I\'d prefer 76 or 88 keys (if it is your first controller). Having a lack of assignable controllers, even the lack of a mod wheel I\'m looking for a second small keyboard/controller, so - I don\'t mind if somebody knows a decent small controller.


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    Re: Midi controller advice.


    Take a look at the Roland A-37 midi controller. I just purchased one for under $400 and am very pleased.


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    Re: Midi controller advice.

    Also check out the Oxygen8 from m-audio.
    Oxygen8 at Musician\'s Friend

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