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Topic: Keyboard/mouse switch?

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    Keyboard/mouse switch?

    I am going to build a dedicated Giga PC, but I am going to buy a monitor for it.

    So, if I buy a KVM switch, I won\'t be using the video switcher. Is there a KM switch, without the video switcher?

    And if so, is there one that enables you to hot-key, instead of reaching for a physical switch?


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    Re: Keyboard/mouse switch?

    This may not work for you logistically but if you\'re going to spend the money on a new monitor, I highly recommend doing the following:

    Add this monitor to your current sequencing machine. (dual monitor). Use a kvm to switch between the 2 computers but only switching the one monitor. That way you can see your sequencer in one window and giga in the other but when you\'re done looking at giga you\'ve got all that extra screen real estate to use for your mixer, plugins etc.

    The linksys kvm switches nice and easily by hittin the CTRL key twice. One thing I did though was have seperate mice hooked up. Made it more convenient overall.


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