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Topic: Pro Tools and GigaStudio

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    Pro Tools and GigaStudio

    Hi there,

    I've been doing a search on this board about that subject, without finding any explicit report on this question.

    I was wondering how Pro Tools (let's say, 7.0) handled GigaStudio via Rewire 2.0.

    I mean, is everybody here just using GigaStudio along with Cubase SX ? With Rewire or on a dedicated PC ?
    I'm also curious about what you guys are using GS with. For my part I'm thinking about Pro Tools.

    If people here have any experience concerning this setup, I'd be glad to hear your feedbacks.

    For my part, Acid Pro 5.0 (my current sequencer) rewired to GigaStudio is still akward (but who knows what will happen in the next version).

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    Re: Pro Tools and GigaStudio

    I have PTLE with a 001, so the latest version is 6.something. I had GS3 in ReWire mode and it worked fine. The only problem is my computer is not the best, so I took PTs out and left GS3 in. Now I just need another computer for PT, looking to build something fast and stable.

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