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Topic: No Sound (In Part)

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    No Sound (In Part)

    Hi -
    New to JABB (just trying to use for the first time today) on Mac dual G5 (2.5 with 4 GB RAM) 10.4.4 & Logic 7.1.1. I am able to load and play basically all the non-wind instruments - that is, piano, drums, guitar, basses, etc. But in the wind instruments, the only parts that generate any sounds are the breathing sounds high up on the keyboard. This is true whether I play through MIDI or the onscreen keyboard, though both show CPU usage on the notes that are not sounding! Pretty much tried all the winds, including the Lite versions with no luck
    Would appreciate any suggestions - thanks! Glad to be here
    SeeGee Hear

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    Re: No Sound (In Part)

    Have you brought up the mod wheel?


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    Re: No Sound (In Part)

    Thanks Tom -
    Is this where I say "how stupid am I?" - I actually had read the manual and played with the mod wheel, but somehow must have gotten it wrong. But look at the bright side - probably the easiest problem you'll ever have to solve!

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