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Topic: Remote controll

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    Remote controll

    If I want to record (just temporary) from one room (maybe later in a soundprof recordingroom) and have my computer in another, how can I manage this.
    What I\'m saying is. Are there any remote controls with this basic design and function? What I want is a controller not like the \"Houston\" but a simple one with:

    a jogg wheel
    a SMPTE display
    and maybe a set of extra buttons (enter, delete, etc)

    ,to work with todays seqensers.

    I\'ve looked at \"Kenton control freak\" and \"Peavy PC 1600X\", but they all got to many functions for this use.
    Is this maybe to much to ask (maybe to little).
    Give it a thought, a simple and cheap(hopefully) controller wich will eliminate \"run to the PC, push rec, run back to location\" and hopefully there in time for the tracking.

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    Re: Remote controll

    Why not put the pc in another room, but use cable extenders for the mouse, keyboard and monitor so that they are still in the control room with you?

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    Re: Remote controll

    A good one but no SMPTE display :

    ShuttlePRO Information

    I use it for :

    Vegas Video 3.0
    Cakewalk Sonar XL 2.0
    Photoshop 7.0
    Soundscape R-Ed. 24
    Sound Forge 5.0f

    You can make your own setup ... easily

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