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Topic: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

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    Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    Anyone know of when Melodyne v3 will be stores? Preferably my local GuitarCenter but Sweetwater or Audiomidi will do too! I realize you can purchase it via download.. but there's just something inside me that informs me that if I'm spending close to $300 on a product, spend the few extra bucks and actually get something you can hold in your hand. So I'm not all about the download ... but I'm getting impatient for the actually hardcopy... I want it soon!!! (Now preferably)

    At least does anyone know if they're still offering that deal where you buy v2.6 and upgrade for free?

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    Re: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    why not just download it?


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    Re: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    like i said, if i'm spending that kind of $$$, i like to have something in my hand to show for it .. guess i'm weird like that... just wondering if someone knew of an availability date ..

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    Re: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    You can have the best of both worlds. Download it AND they will send you the disks.

    I just did this, this past weekend.

    hope this helps!


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    Re: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    giga , thx for the responses thus far!

    So ... you're saying that if you purchase it through the download, they will send you the disks/manual as well?? Can you link me to where it says that? Not that I don't believe you, but I just thought I read that site from top to bottom and it looked like they offered the Hardcopy as an extra $10.00 charge ... is that correct?

    I hope what you say is correct ... I might be getting it tonight then!

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    Talking Re: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    Yup- I got thr DL'd version of Melodyne V3 PLUS just got the complete boxed edition yesterday - It took about 7-9 days to get here (Massachusetts) It's anextra $10.00 but worth it to me for the printed manual!


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    Re: Melodyne V3 ... whens it in stores?

    you guys think the price is going to be pretty consistent everywhere online with the price straight from celemonys webshop once v3 gets out to the shops? Usually you end up paying a little more going straight thru the company sites ... sweetwater and the others tend to save you an extra $20-50 or so on average .. but that might not apply to new releases..

    close to $400 ... eek ... i may be getting today then ..

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