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Topic: Experience with Magma PCI-Cards

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    Experience with Magma PCI-Cards

    Does somebody know these cards for use with laptops? They want up to $900, are there any alternatives?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Re: Experience with Magma PCI-Cards

    I couldn\'t believe it either. Just the single PCI one is $800+.

    I wish I knew of an alternative.

    There are PCMCIA cards available. But maybe you don\'t want to abandon the card you\'re comfortable with.

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    Re: Experience with Magma PCI-Cards

    Digigram Releases VX442 Linear Multichannel Sound Card

    Date: 05 October 2002

    Broad platform support and a variety of drivers make VX442 a very versatile solution

    Los Angeles - Digigram, an innovator in digital audio network solutions, introduced at AES 2002 today the VX442, a linear multichannel sound card with analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

    Part of Digigram\'s popular VX series, the VX442 has 4/4 balanced line inputs/outputs, 96 KHz 24-bit converters, low latency architecture, and an additional stereo AES/EBU input/output. All of these features make the VX442 ideal for high-quality pro audio production as well as archiving and logging applications.

    The VX442 supports Windows and Mac platforms (98, ME, 2000, XP, MacOS 9 and X) with a set of appropriate drivers (DirectSound, WAVE, ASIO2, GSIF, EASI for Windows, and SoundManager, ASIO2, CoreAudio for Mac OS) making it a versatile solution for multiple environments. A comprehensive and intelligent control panel provides easy routing and digital mixing of inputs and outputs.

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