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Topic: New to PC/Minimum Speed ?

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    New to PC/Minimum Speed ?

    Hi there,
    I\'m a long-time Mac user who\'d like to get into using GigaStudio. A friend offered me a PC very cheaply, which I\'m considering using as a dedicated sampler. I\'m not sure if the PC in question has the horsepower for this purpose. It has a Celeron 400Mhz processor and its own 19\" monitor.

    Would any GigaStudio/PC user be so kind as to tell me if that\'ll cut the mustard and how easy it is to interface that box with a G3/450 Mac running Cubase, etc. with a MOTU 2408?


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    Re: New to PC/Minimum Speed ?

    400MHz isn\'t enough. The minimum requirements for GS160 are at least an 800MHz Pentium III or Athlon 800MHz according to the box.

    I don\'t know about the MOTU 2408(mk3?) but they claim GSIF compatibility on their website - if it\'s already stuck in your Mac, you need another GSIF soundcard in the PC. Plus some way of physically routing MIDI out of the Mac and into the PC, since I didn\'t see any MIDI ports on the MOTU.

    For fundamental PC Giga info, read these Tascam links:



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    Re: New to PC/Minimum Speed ?

    Thanks for the info, Steve! I\'ll wait and pick up a fast PC when I make the move to Giga.

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    Re: New to PC/Minimum Speed ?

    I have to disagree
    800 was the recommmended speed when giga studio was released not the minimum.
    I run gigastudio 160 with a pen 450 and it works fine,.
    The only thing is I can only get about 96 voices polyphony not 160.

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    Re: New to PC/Minimum Speed ?

    I\'ll second Ken159. I have an old PII-450 that can do about 90 polyphony. It can bog down though if you run a sequencer also. Giga really is much happier on a faster machine though and even nicer on several. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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